Chizu is a Malaysian-based Japanese Lifestyle inspired café that serves Cheese Drinks and Croissants made from the freshest and premium quality produce. 

We are a specialist when it comes to mixing a perfect cup of Cheese Drink and serving it with our buttery and toasty croissants. The creative combination of our signature products is what makes Chizu stands out among all the other cafes in Malaysia. Our smooth and velvety cheese foam crowning over the cheese drinks are crafted using natural cheese made from raw milk found in the Oceania region. Besides, the use of pure butter made with pasteurized cream from New Zealand and the flour imported from Kumamoto, Japan, contributes to great layers of puff pastry and it explodes with the aroma of natural butter. 

The strategic use of the key ingredients is what makes our products irresistible and keeps our customers coming for more. Thus, Chizu is a great place made for great people to come together to create memories, sharing moments and sharing life.